We present MUVA, Museo Virtual de Arte

The MUVA, Museo Virtual de arte, begins its journey with the exhibition ‘Rembrandt, beyond reality’. The portraits, five of characters from the prosperous cities of the Netherlands and a self-portrait, cover almost 40 years of Rembrandt’s production, showing the evolution of his technique. The drawings, as the beginning of his creative process and the engravings, a fundamental part of the artist’s production, complete the exhibition.

According to the director of Binarybox Studios, Francisco Calatayud, “we believe that art should be fully enjoyed and a video or a spherical photo will always lose the essence of the original work.”

Thanks to virtual reality technology, visitors can enter this museum and walk among the canvases, the drawings or any other content as if they were really there. They will be able to appreciate the different textures of each work and even come closer to contemplate them just a few centimeters away.

According to Abraham Ramírez, art historian and cultural manager based in Santander, collaborator in the development of MUVA, “thanks to virtual reality we can immerse ourselves in Rembrandt’s technique and discover in great detail six of his best portraits, four drawings and six prints found in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. ”

Museo Virtual de Arte will open its (virtual) doors on May 1, 2020.