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Binarybox Studios presents Museo Virtual de Arte (MUVA, Virtual Museum of Art), a unique space in which to discover the best art in history in a completely immersive way.

The MUVA has planned different exhibitions of great artists to enjoy both through virtual reality devices and a traditional computer.

Rembrandt, beyond reality’ is the first of our exhibitions, which aims to show the evolution in the style of the sensational Dutch painter through a careful selection of his paintings, drawings and engravings.

Access the museum

Visiting Museo Virtual de Arte is completely free.

You can access MUVA by downloading the official client for free on our download page.


Technology at the service of art

About the Virtual Musem Art (MUVA)

Museo Virtual de Arte  (MUVA) is built thanks to the deep knowledge of virtual reality technology acquired by Binarybox Studios in recent years.

We believe that art must be fully enjoyed and a video or a spherical photo will always lose the essence of the original work. Thanks to virtual reality technology, we can enter this museum and walk among the canvases, the drawings or any other content as if we were really there. We can appreciate the different textures of each work and even come closer to contemplate them just a few centimeters away.

We have created a flexible space, both in content and format, which we can fully adapt for each use or exhibition. Being digital in nature, there are no physical limits when considering new content, which gives the space great versatility.


Rembrandt, beyond reality

Rembrandt, beyond reality’ is another way to get to know some works by Rembrandt van Rijn, the best painter of the Dutch Baroque. Thanks to virtual reality we can immerse ourselves in the Rembrandt technique and discover even the smallest detail of six of his best portraits, four drawings and six engravings.

The portraits, five of characters from prosperous cities in the Netherlands and a self-portrait, cover almost 40 years of Rembrandt’s production, showing the evolution of his technique. Drawings as the beginning of his creative process and engravings, a fundamental part of the artist’s production, complete this exhibition.


Abraham Ramírez Martín

Art historian and cultural manager based in Santander, he has worked as exhibition coordinator and community manager in various institutions. Currently he combines his work with the curator of exhibitions and cultural dissemination on social networks Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to its invaluable help, the selection and documentation of the works exhibited at the MUVA will delight all visitors


Upcoming exhibitions

May 1 | ‘Rembrandt, beyond reality’ (VR)

May 8 | ‘Rembrandt, beyond reality’ (PC and Mac)

June 1 | ‘Civilizations of the world in sculptures from the British Museum’ (VR)

June 8 | ‘Civilizations of the world in sculptures from the British Museum’ (PC and Mac)

Frequent questions

What is Museo Virtual de Arte?

Museo Virtual de Arte (MUVA) is a virtual space designed by Binarybox Studios with the aim of showing the power of virtual reality technology as a new format for the dissemination of art and culture.

Is it free to access the museum?

Access to MUVA is completely free.

What am I going to be able to do in the museum?

Once you are in the museum you will be able to move freely throughout the environment, either by walking or using a teleportation function, and you will be able to approach the exhibited works until they are within inches of you. When you want to know more information about a work you will have a button next to it to launch an audio with additional information about it.

What virtual reality devices are supported?

Museo Virtual de Arte is designed to work on the Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive PRO virtual reality goggles (recommended) and the basic HTC Vive and Oculus Rift versions. We highly recommend Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive PRO due to its higher screen resolution, which provides a much more detailed and sharp experience.

Is it possible to access the museum without a virtual reality device?

Starting next May 8, it will be possible to access the museum using the download link for desktop PC.

Can the museum be accessed from the web browser?

At the moment access to the museum from the web browser is not contemplated. To access it, it will be necessary to download the application and open it from the desktop.

How often are new exhibitions published?

New exhibitions will be launched every month.

Access the museum

Visiting Museo Virtual de Arte is completely free.

You can access MUVA by downloading the official client for free on our download page.