Singulive report in Cantabria Económica magazine

The October 2021 issue of Cantabria Económica magazine dedicates a complete report to Singulive, the project in which Binarybox Studios leads the technological development.

In the report Francisco Calatayud and Javier Palacios detail the experience that both the public and the artists find once they access the platform, from the venues, the avatars, the dynamics of the concerts or the development process itself.

“We wanted to combine music and virtual reality, but we had to choose how, because there are many possible itineraries.” Francisco Calatayud

“The most common thing is that the avatars of the singers perform in some video game to which they bring their popularity, as Ariana Grande or Travis Scott have done in Fortnite. The Cantabrian entrepreneurs, on the other hand, do not want to take them out of their musical universe, but they do want them to reach many more followers with that virtual format.”

“We decided to create several venues, to represent the different ways of watching live music,” Javier Palacios.

“Thanks to the time that the pandemic gave them to think about this new project, in May last year they began to gestate Singulive, which materialized at the beginning of this year.”

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