Singulive, official presentation

On May 11, Singulive was officially presented to the public, a platform to enjoy concerts and live music in virtual reality. Binarybox Studios participates in its development as a “vital part of Singulive, responsible for everything the user sees and feels“.

Singulive is the first Virtual Reality concert platform in which artists develop their live shows and tours exclusively in virtual environments for lovers of live music. Created by professionals from the music and technology sector in Santander (Spain) and Silicon Valley (USA).

Singulive will begin its life in July with a great variety of national and international artists, although the truth is that today is the day when its website and social networks are activated. A whole statement of intent on how to face its entry into a market such as virtual reality, in full growth and full of possibilities for users.

Singulive will be the gateway for artists and the public to the world of virtual reality with music as the main protagonist.

A place designed and created to live the live experience and take a step forward with spectacular possibilities that will make a new relationship with music very easy. The platform, which will have subscription and free content, has set itself the clear objective of taking the user on a journey through places created to enjoy tours and artists, in small formats and of course in large capacity. You can share the experience whenever you want with other users, in addition the platform will be accompanied by a version for mobile devices, Android, etc …

“We are sure that Singulive comes to join the different ways of enjoying live music, neither better nor worse than others, we simply open a virtual world to allow a multitude of artists and users to pass through, we democratize the virtual reality presence that the sensation was only reserved for big stars in specific moments. ” Javier Palacios, Content Director.

Thanks to virtual reality technology, users can enter different concert halls with their personalized avatar, walk in them, observe their careful design, feel within truly musical environments already prepared for the live performance. Premieres will be produced in each of the rooms destined to see bands and artists of different styles and proposals parade through them. With a presence in the different social networks and its website, the user will witness everything that happens.

“Today’s virtual reality technology allows us to enjoy our favorite artists in a much more immersive, full and natural way than through a flat screen. From the first day we saw it clearly, in addition to music with Singulive we are going to discover people. ” Francisco Calatayud, Production Director

In addition to the different artists who have already begun to prepare for their live on Singulive, the platform is already closing a festival calendar in its virtual reality version as a complement to the physical appointment. The mythical Ebrovisión is already among those chosen and will be a great attraction for Singulive users, now they will have two festivals, the virtual and the already known.

Singulive will be released to the public next July 2021.