The Wine Museum VR

THE WINE MUSEUM VR was developed for the local government of Cangas de Narcea, which wanted to use it in the exhibition of the fair of the Ascension (Oviedo, 2018). It is a virtual reality construction of a completely original wine museum. Thanks to this virtual reality project, the users were able know the way in which the famous “Cangas de Narcea” wine is produced.

Throughout the journey, it is possible to see the grape-pressing and listen to the slight sound of the fermentation if being close to the upper part of the fermentation tanks. It is also possible to learn about the process of clarification and filtration of wine, not only throughout the information that the museum gives, but also by watching the machines in full operation. Lastly, the visitor can get to know the different processes of bottling that there have been, from the traditional one to the automated method employed nowadays.

THE WINE MUSEUM VR is the best example of how virtual reality can become the perfect allied for cultural promotion.

Case details


Cultural promotion


Ayuntamiento de Cangas del Narcea


HTC Vive