The Pumping Station VR

The Pumping Station VR is an educational VR videogame designed for the “centro de interpretación de la Caseta de Bombas”, in Santander. The main objective of this game is to teach the players the history of Gamazo’s dike (Santander) and the functioning of the first pumping station (caseta de bombas) in the place.

For its development, the historical framework of Gamazo’s dike was considered and plenty of audiovisual materials were created in all the setting – inside and outside – giving it the looks it had during the 30’s as well as its old productivity together with the old Cork Garage and the Gas Manufacturer.

The experience is divided into two different blocks: the first one is inside the pumping station. The players have got to find the different press articles which are related to the pumping house. The second block is in the outside. There, the players must find out the functioning of the bilge pumps.

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Educational videogame


Caseta de Bombas SL


HTC Vive