Salesianos VR

SALESIANOS VR is a direct application of virtual reality in environments that are related to the industrial world. It was developed for Beitxu Studios and Desuto’s Salesianos- “Salesianos Deusto”. With this simulator, students are able to conduct zero point energy exercises.

To reach an absolute fidelity in the development of the exercises, a milling machine B500 together with a Fagor control panel were recreated, which the students had to use in the same way that they would use their real life equivalents.

The simulator has 3 parts: the free mode, in which the students may carry out the exercises without any supervision, the tutorial mode and the practical part. In the tutorial mode, a virtual tutor will guide the student step by step throughout the development of the exercise. In the practical mode, the student will be monitored by the programme and he will be times to see if his result can be classified as one of the 10 best.

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