New addition to our family of virtual reality devices

A new member joins the family of virtual reality devices that we use in our production area at Binarybox Studios: Oculus Quest.

This new device comes to fill a gap in the virtual reality market, and the fact that being completely portable provides many more possibilities for creation and implementation in businesses and industries that until now have not found a virtual reality device adapted to your needs.

Oculus Quest is a virtual reality device developed by Facebook, whose main characteristics are portability and power along with the implementation of a 6DOF positioning system.

Thanks to the hardware with which the team has been built, the technical capacity of the device increases exponentially compared to its younger brother Oculus GO, allowing you to enjoy higher quality graphics, although, without reaching the levels that can be achieved using a Dedicated PC. However, the quality it provides us is sufficient for many of the virtual reality experiences that companies can demand.

On the other hand, the incorporation of a 6DOF positioning and control system allows creating much more natural experiences thanks to the possibility of moving freely around the environment (now if) without cables of any kind. Being able to use a virtual reality system without cables and with these characteristics brings technology very close to that utopian future that we see in science fiction movies.

At the time of writing these lines we are already developing with Oculus Quest. We cannot be more satisfied.