Fotografía de Francisco Calatayud durante el Santander Social Weekend 2020

Interview in Influyentes magazine

The company Binarybox Studios has been at the center of the metaverse and virtual reality revolution, and has stood out as a pioneer in this technology. Among other projects, he is responsible for the creation of the Virtual Museum of Art (MUVA), a project that has gained national recognition.

Recently, Binarybox Studios has been immersed in high-profile collaborations, including the technological development of Singulive, a platform that brings Radio 3 music concerts into immersive environments. In addition, they have developed a simulator for the design and configuration of industrial warehouses, which offers an innovative approach to training in the industrial sector.

In an exclusive interview for Influyentes Cantabria, Francisco Calatayud, CEO of Binarybox Studios, shares his perspectives on the metaverse and virtual reality. According to Calatayud, these technologies have the potential to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric and generate new business opportunities. However, he also recognizes that adaptation to these new work tools, both by companies and individuals, will be a significant challenge.

“The key is to develop virtual reality experiences that add value to users,” says Calatayud.

Binarybox Studios’ most recent project is Sensorial VR, a virtual reality platform designed for sensory and cognitive stimulation in older adults. This project has already been successfully implemented in five residences in Cantabria and is improving the quality of life of its residents.

Singulive, another creation in which technological development has been the responsibility of Binarybox Studios, is a virtual reality concert and music platform that offers users the experience of attending concerts in an immersive environment. Calatayud explains that Singulive works with a ticketing model, where users pay a group ticket to access the concerts. The platform is open to any artist or group wishing to have a presence in the metaverse, providing opportunities for independent and emerging musicians.

Calatayud also sheds light on his vision for the metaverse, highlighting the importance of finding real and useful use cases for this technology. For him, the metaverse is like the Internet: a tool that needs practical applications that provide value to users.

Binarybox Studios is leading the forefront of metaverse and virtual reality technology, and its commitment to developing meaningful experiences demonstrates its focus on improving people’s lives through technological innovation.

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Header photo | Photography of Francisco Calatayud during the past Santander Social Weekend 2020