‘Impression, water’, new exposition at MUVA

We are pleased to present the third MUVA (Museo Virtual de Arte) exhibition Designed to fully enjoy in virtual reality and dedicated entirely to impressionist painting.

The MUVA,Museo Virtual de Arte, continues its journey with the exhibition ‘Impression, water’. This exhibition, whose absolute protagonist is water, is entitled ‘Impression, water’, in homage to what is considered the first impressionist work, entitled ‘Impression, rising sun’, by Claude Monet. The exhibition consists of 25 works belonging to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, by authors such as Monet, Mary Cassatt, Pissarro, Boudin or Sisley. The five rooms are a route for visual and auditory enjoyment, for calm and serenity.

According to the director of Binarybox Studios, Francisco Calatayud, “using three-dimensional environments and reproductions of the works allows visitors to observe the paintings in a very similar way to their real counterparts. Even better, since we can approach them without any limitation, as happens in traditional museums. ”

Thanks to virtual reality technology, visitors can enter this museum and walk among the paintings as if they were really there. They will be able to appreciate the different textures and reliefs of each work while strolling through a thematic environment that accompanies the main works of the exhibition.

According to Abraham Ramírez, art historian and cultural manager based in Santander, collaborator in the development of MUVA, “Thanks to all the advantages that Virtual Reality offers, in this exhibition we are going to be able to do something that could never ever be done in a real museum : visit an impressionist exhibition walking on the water of a Japanese pond, listening to the whisper of the water, in this way the 25 exhibited paintings by Monet, Cassatt, Morisot, Sisley, Boudin or Singer Sargent complement each other in a spectacular way and the visitor is seen practically immersed in the landscapes and seascapes that you are observing. ”

After the success of its previous exhibitions, ‘Rembrandt, beyond reality and’ Great Civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Rome ‘, Binarybox Studios takes a step forward in the implementation of virtual reality in art with the exhibition’ Impression, Water”.

The MUVA (Virtual Museum of Art) inaugurated the exhibition “Impression, water” on July 1, 2020.