Great Civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Rome

The MUVA, Museo Virtual de Arte, continues its journey with the exhibition “Great Civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Rome”. Through various sculptures, busts and reliefs of these three cultures, the visitor will be able to know the artistic characteristics of each of these towns. Seven works in the Egyptian room, six in the Greek and another six in the one corresponding to Rome, all belonging to the British Museum in London, make up the exhibition.

According to the director of Binarybox Studios, Francisco Calatayud, “using three-dimensional environments and reproductions of the works allows visitors to observe the sculptures in their entirety, being able to perceive details in the same way as when viewed in person. Even better, by being able to approach them without any limitations, as happens in traditional museums. ”

Thanks to virtual reality technology, visitors can enter this museum and walk among the statues and sculptures as if they really were there. They will be able to consider the different textures and reliefs of each work and even come closer to contemplate them in just a few centimeters away.

According to Abraham Ramírez, art historian and cultural manager based in Santander, collaborator in the development of MUVA, “visiting this exhibition is the closest experience to strolling through the rooms of the British Museum. Thanks to virtual reality, the visitor will be able to see the works from all points of view, including surrounding many of them with total freedom “.

After the success of its first exhibition, ‘Rembrandt, beyond reality’, dedicated to the painting of the sensational Dutch baroque painter, Binarybox Studios takes a step forward in the implementation of virtual reality in art with the exhibition ‘Great Civilizations : Egypt, Greece and Rome ‘.

The MUVA, Virtual Museum of Art, will open the exhibition “Great Civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Rome” on June 1, 2020.

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