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The gateway to the metaverse for restaurants and cooking schools

An interactive experience in virtual reality for customers, both in the restaurant itself and at home, to have a private session with the chef and learn more about all the dishes available to them, recipes, courses or cooking tips…

Along with the chef’s presentation, the user will have a complete virtual menu of the restaurant.

Additionally, El Chef Virtual includes the recording of a video presentation of the restaurant and the equipment to be displayed on a huge 100-inch virtual screen, social networks or traditional advertising.



Cutting-edge technology for the creation of virtual environments and generation of interactive applications using real-time graphics. The best option to start exploring this incredible digital world.


One tool, multiple possibilities

Main use cases
  • Take your restaurant or school to the main distribution channel in virtual reality

    Millions of users can get to know your work with a careful presentation, well selected and always available to consult.

  • Future clients to choose a wedding menu or any other event

    The chef will always be at your service to present the menu.

  • Customers who want premium experience

    Start or end the evening with a fascinating and unforgettable experience

  • Generate original content for social media

    Sharing fragments of the virtual experience both in video and in photos

More information

Contact us for more information about El Chef Virtual

What your customers will see *

Main features

  • Promotional video of the restaurant or school

    Also available for use in social networks and other communication channels.

  • Chef's welcome to customers

    A complete welcome inviting them to explore the application’s content

  • Chef integration in the kitchen

    He will give you advice, give presentations, courses and masterclasses… the limit is up to you.

  • Complete virtual menu to discover in the application

    Detailed information about each dish in which to discover curiosities or relevant data about it.

  • Scenario | Customizable kitchen

    With a large virtual screen to expand information or the possibility to design a completely customized scenario.

* Features may vary depending on the package purchased.


Meta Quest 2

The virtual reality device that is revolutionizing the market

More than 12 million users are waiting on the other side of the virtual reality device, surpassing Tik-tok in Google Play and App Store and with a forecast of multiplying the number of users by 10 times by 2024.

A new channel that enables immersive communication with users.



  • Virtual Reality Device **

    Free loan of an Oculus Quest 2 to show the application to your customers. Depending on the package chosen the number may vary between one and two.

  • Personalized license with restaurant/school name

    Also included is the graphic personalization of the kitchen where the experience takes place.

  • Production of customized content for virtual reality ***

    Recording, editing and virtual integration. Also the welcome and presentation of the dishes as well as the restaurant menu.

  • Hardware delivery and application start-up

    We leave it ready to use as soon as you receive the package.

** Only one device is included in the basic Virtual Chef package
*** Depending on the package chosen, the option to produce multimedia content may be excluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the users of El Chef Virtual?

El Chef Virtual custom license consists of an application available to all users of Meta Quest, the best-selling virtual reality viewer on the market. However, if you wish to have the application available only for specific users (e.g. customers in a restaurant or students in a school) there is also that possibility.

Can I use it in my restaurant or school?

Of course, in addition to being used on users’ own devices, it can also be offered in shared-use devices in restaurants or cooking schools.

Can I share the experience on social networks?

Of course. The Quest viewers allow sharing the content of the experience in the main social networks, as well as taking screenshots and video recordings of them. A way to generate content in a simple and fast way.

Which El Chef Virtual plan should I choose?

We have several different plans to suit the individual needs of each restaurant or school. If you already have multimedia content to incorporate into the platform we have plans that do not include studio recording services. Contact us and we will give you more detailed information about plans and prices.

What type of content can be included?

The final decision on what content to include in El Chef Virtual is ultimately up to each restaurant or school. It can be comments on the menu, recipes, cooking tips or guides, information about suppliers…

How do I apply?

Send us an email to requesting more information and we will send you all the information you need.

Which virtual reality devices are compatible?

The devices compatible with El Chef Virtual are both the first generation Meta Quest (2019) and the Meta Quest 2 model launched last October 2020.

How many virtual reality devices are currently on the market?

The Meta Quest family of devices (1 and 2) has more than 12 million devices in the market.

More information

Contact us for more information about El Chef Virtual