Do you want to incorporate BINARYLABS into your business? Available software licenses

Since we published BINARYLABS 2.0, many people and companies have asked us if the experience could be exported outside our facilities.

We are happy to announce that today has arrived and our escape room is available to deploy in other escape rooms as an additional experience or in virtual reality arcade centers.

Among the main features of the escape room we find a real multiplayer for up to four simultaneous people, which is enhanced through new puzzles in which direct collaboration between players will be essential. In addition, to improve integration with the virtual environment, players have custom avatars to recognize each other in virtual reality.

Additionally, the size of the stage has been slightly reduced in order to compact the gaming experience and allow the player to have more control over time management during the game.

In the event that a player finishes before their peers, they can enjoy a complete virtual video surveillance system through which they can observe their peers in real time and be able to help them if they consider it appropriate.

Finally, once all the players finish the escape room test, they can take a virtual reality selfie that they can later share on networks or by instant messaging with their friends.

All information about BINARYLABS is available on its official website.