Discover a new
way of entertainment

A virtual reality escape room


What does it consist on?

BINARYLABS is an “escape room” game in which virtual reality plays a key role. There can be up to 4 players.

It is set in one of the most advanced technological investigation labs in the world. In its inside, players can take part in very challenging simulations designed to test their ingenuity. The theme of BINARYLABS first simulation was: Travel through time

Amazing graphics and cutting-edge technology


Blockbuster experience

BINARYLABS uses all the technical improvements that have been implemented in Apartment 327- the horror video game in development by the study which offers the players the most advanced graphics that have come out in virtual reality.

Main characteristics

Although you will discover many of them yourself throughout the session, there are some that we would like to point out.

Transition scenario to VR

As all the equipment is located inside our office, the best way to get into de virtual world is through and exact cuplicated of the real world.

Multiplayer of up to 4 people

The players experience the virtual world together with some of their friends, and the decisions that any one of them make will affect all of the others.

Personalised avatar

Before entering the virtual word, an avatar for each player will be customized. That way, they will know who is who once in the escape room.

Virtual selfies

Is there anyone who doesn’t like selfies? In BINARYLABS, players will have the chance to take their first virtual selfie to keep as a souvenir of the experience.

Do you dare to have
a go?

Many have tried but very few have succeeded.

Other considerations

It is not possible to use our technology if you suffer from…

Epilepsy episodes, pregnancy, heart history, vertigo, seizures, constant sickness or dizziness, pacemaker, other implemented medical devices, vision abnormalities, psychiatric disorders, recent medical treatments or being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Software licensing

 If you are the owner of an escape room or VR Arcade and would like to use BINARYLABS in your place, do not hesitate to contact us.