C/ Juan XXIII 1 Bajo 39001 Santander

Francisco Calatayud

Founder and Director

Ignacio Fernández

3D Artist

Fernando Díaz


Daniel Sánchez

3D Artist

Francisco Puerto

Gameplay Programmer

Miguel Martinez

Gameplay Programmer

We are a team. We are Binarybox.

BINARYBOX STUDIOS started as an independent study, passionate about the development of video games that showed innovative mechanics and features.

Over time, we realised that the technology used for the development of video games could also be used in the business world, sorting out many of the problems that they have traditionally carried. 

As we came from the videogame world, we had the ability to design complex 3D and interactive environments, and that was why we decided to take a chance on virtual reality (an emerging technology but very promising). It seemed like a natural path to follow. 

The rest is history… We encourage you to visit our portfolio and have a look at all we have done from then on.

We always try to think out of the box. We are eager and true non-conformists. We are always searching for an item in our environment which we turn into a whole new thing and a completely different experience.

In conclusion, we can say that that was the start of our story. This little binary box has just opened and is about to show you the first of many stories which we want to tell you. We invite you to discover them with us.