Apple Vision Pro, redefining extended reality

On June 5, Apple presented its news for next year. Among these novelties, the new Vision Pro stood out above the rest, the company’s commitment to enter the extended reality market.

 Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first mixed reality headset that promises to revolutionize personal computing as we know it. These glasses and their operating system, VisionOS, are here to redefine the VR and augmented reality market with a much more direct focus on the latter.

Apple’s Vision Pro glasses will be available early next year in the United States with a starting price of $3,499. The company promises to bring this technology to other markets sometime in 2024. We do not know if the price will remain the same or if it will show any variation compared to the cost in the US.

The Apple Vision Pro screens are mounted in a casing made of aluminum, laminated glass and carbon fiber that makes the device very light to improve the user experience. The hardware uses a new feature called “EyeSight”, which uses a front screen to reveal your eyes to other people in the room. This will undoubtedly facilitate communication between the person wearing the device and others around them.

Apple’s Vision Pro will be compatible with the entire Apple ecosystem and will have a continuity function enabled to link tasks from one device to another, being capable of running native applications such as Apple Maps, iMessages, Apple Music or Apple TV +.

As for the development possibilities it offers, the operating system is capable of tracking the movement of the user’s head, eyes and hands, which opens the door to an endless number of utilities. The non-use of additional controls is striking, raising some doubts about its usability in complex applications such as simulators or games.

During the presentation of the Apple Vision Pro, those from Cupertino showed applications focused on productivity, teleworking and professional environments, but gave a lot of weight to leisure. Users will be able to use Apple Vision Pro to have information about an element, for example, real-world text that can be copied and pasted to translate it into another language or search for apps.

According to the home screen image of Apple’s interface, the Apple Vision Pro will come pre-installed with apps like Apple TV, Music, Mindfulness, Freeform, Safari, Photos, Notes, App Store, Mail, Messages, Keynote, and more.