We offers you the most advanced technology so that you can
enjoy virtual environments similar to reality

We present you a technical demonstration of the capabilities of video game engines applied to other industries. Unlike traditional infographics, where images are static, with DIGITAL HOME you can move around the environment as if you were really there.

Say goodbye to the spherical photos, with Digital Home move wherever you want.

Forget about spherical photos where you can only go from point to point. Any direction is good
so that you move with total freedom around the enviroment.

Professional movies to show your home.

Ideal for the presentation of housing, offices, new buildings, future reforms or even to preview industrial processes.

Improve your home’s decoration thanks to the Virtual Home Staging.

Being a fully digital process, the Virtual Home Staging is much faster, easier and more customizable. In a matter of seconds it is possible to refurbish the whole house or change the color of the walls.

It is even possible to have total control over the lighting of the building, both natural light and artificial lights.

You can send your home to anywhere in the world.

If you plan to sell your home, with a real-time 3D recreation of the property, the real estate companies will be able to send a digital version of it to potential buyers around the planet.

Home remodeling.

As with Home Staging, thanks to three-dimensional recreations, it is possible to carry out costly renovations and remodelings quickly so that you can visualize the house while doing the physical work.

Enjoy a totally free demo.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us at contacto@binaryboxstudios.com


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